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Coach Hire FAQ / Advice

Here are a few tips to help you in deciding whether to hire a coach, getting the most competitive prices and enjoying your coach hire.

1. Consider the time of year
Like many businesses, the coach hire industry works on a seasonal basis. The peak season and so most expensive runs between June and August. If you are able to arrange your trip outside of peak season then you are far more likely to find cheaper coach hire.

2. Book early
If you are unable to book your coach outside of the peak season, then another alternative is to arrange the coach hire as early on as possible. As the demand for coach hire increases in peak season the prices increase. If you can book the coach earlier in the year then you stand a far better chance of getting a more competitive price for the coach.

3. Cheapest is not always best
Beware companies that offer an almost too good to be true price for your coach hire. Ensure that the operator uses quality coaches, check that the operator has full public liability insurance, and that they are aware of all your requirements. All too often you can be quoted a price for a coach that will be substandard. Like most other things in life "You get what you pay for".

4. Treat the coach driver well
Look after your coach driver and he will look after you. Coach drivers are very pleasant creatures and appreciate the finer things in life. If you treat them nicely, then they are more likely to be understanding if your needs change at the last minute. Paying for the coach driver's accomodation on overnight trips goes a long way - otherwise a surcharge will need to be added.

5. Have clear information about your coach trip
The more information you have available about your coach trip, then the more accurate your quote for coach hire will be. Also, when considering your quotes, ensure that they are all like for like. For example has a certain company quoted for an Executive vehicle and the other cheaper quote is for a standard coach.

6. Consider luggage space
Small sized vehicles aren't equipped to carry large amounts of luggage. If you have an airport transfer for 16 people it may be that you need to hire a 24 seater coach to allow for the amount of luggage you are taking. (Don't forget the return journey as well!) We offer a trailer for carriage of luggage.

7. Regional variations in price
Like many other services, there is quite a difference in pricing for coach hire in London and other major cities such as Glasgow, Manchester. Sometimes it can be cheaper to look further afield.

8. Consider using a coach as a "shuttle"
If you have a large number of people to transport over a large distance, then consider hiring one coach to do shuttle runs between the pickup and destination points. This will reduce the price that you will need to pay.



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